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The artist


Lately I have become interested in making large sculptures. The two mock-ups and the computer model on this page are my first attempt in this direction

Letter to Escher

The sculpture is a homage to M. C. Escher and the inspiration he has been to me and many others. The title refer to a letter I once wrote to him about my Dual Planetoid but, alas, never sent.

The medieval man sitting on the base is modeled after Escher's print Belvedere. His function here is the same: explaining the structure behind him.

This structure can be constructed from the edges of a tetrahedron by stretching each edge and taking it on a detour around the back.

Performing this operation on all edges results in knotting the edges bordering each face into a trefoil. Mathematicians will know that the faces, if they were included , would therefore be Möbius strips. I can't imagine what that would look like. Can you?




Six twisted chain links in a regular constellation (hexa link constellation). The image is computer generated but proves, I think, that the sculpture would be suitable for a modern metropolis like Hong Kong.